The World of Telecommuting


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The World of Telecommuting

About 20 percent of workers around the world spend at least part of their workweek doing their jobs from home. While telecommuting is relatively common, views and practices are far from standard around the globe.

1 in 5

Workers around the world telecommute frequently.


Of people work from home every day.

Lost in Translation

For those who don’t have the opportunity to telecommute, one of the main reasons is that their employer requires them to be in their workplace.

Workers who have to be in their workplace:

Mexico 6%

India 7%

Indonesia 4%

Argentina 11%

South Africa 10%

China 8%

Turkey 11%

Russia 14%

Hungary 19%

Saudi Arabia 13%

Spain 18%

South Korea 15%

Poland 20%

Brazil 28%

Italy 23%

Belgium 23%

France 28%

Germany 29%

Australia 31%

Canada 37%

United States 38%

Great Britain 37%

Japan 29%

Sweden 36%

Global View of Telecommuting

While 6 in 10 workers around the world would be likely to telecommute full time if their employer allowed it, opinions on the benefits of such arrangements are mixed.

Telecommuting would help keep 83% more talented women in the workforce instead of leaving to raise children

Telecommuters have less stress because they spend less time in their workplace

78% of telecommuters say they have a better work-family balance

62% of telecommuters say not seeing coworkers face-to-face isolates those who telecommute

Working remotely makes employees less likely to be promoted

For some, telecommuting creates conflict by lowering the boundaries between work life and family life