How Do I Become An Account Coordinator?

Maybe you have always wanted to know, “How do I become an account coordinator?” Account coordinators are responsible for creating campaigns for advertising companies. An account coordinator has the ability to create a successful promotion that makes thousands of dollars for an advertising company. Being an account coordinator gives you the opportunity to use your creativity to its fullest potential.

What’s it like to be an account coordinator?

As an account coordinator, you will be responsible for creating and delivering presentations to other companies. You will be required to use the latest social media to promote campaigns for your advertising company. The day in the life of an account coordinator can be non-stop. One may have meetings with different clients to create promotional campaigns for them. One may then have to create a campaign for one’s own advertising company later in the day. Keeping in touch with other connections in the marketing industry is also a part of being an account coordinator.

Education Requirements

To be an account coordinator, one must have a bachelor’s degree from a university. It is preferable that an account coordinator have a degree in public relations, communication studies, psychology or social media marketing. These degrees will help account coordinators create effective presentations. If one wants to be promoted in a more timely fashion, then having a master’s degree or other additional degree will help a person. Having an additional degree will give a person the opportunity to take on more responsibility in an advertising company.

One may also have a business degree in order to pursue a career as an account coordinator. If you have a business degree, you will be responsible for keeping in touch with other account executives from clients. You will be more likely to be hired by an advertising company if you take on an internship. Having an internship with a marketing company can also improve your chances of being hired by that company upon graduation.

Salary and Job Opportunities

The starting salary for an account coordinator is about $54,000. This position is expected to grow in demand as advertising companies try to expand into social media marketing. You can also find other opportunities in taking on a position as an account coordinator. You may be promoted into a position as a supervisor for a campaign if you take on a position as an account coordinator in an advertising company.


If you want to enjoy a fun and exciting career, then this is a great choice for you. You will be able to network with all sorts of high-powered advertising executives as an account coordinator. You will also be able to develop presentations that help make millions of dollars for your advertising company. Being an account coordinator can give you the chance to learn new marketing strategies, and you will also always know about the latest social media marketing websites. Business leaders will look to you to help their businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive economy.