How Do I Become An Architect?

Imagine being able to be the next Howard Roark and watching your own architectural vision come to life. Architects are a fiercely independently-minded group of people, and they enjoy seeing a building rise up from the ground. If you enjoy the thought of sketching your own architectural masterpiece and constructing it, then you may be the next great architect. Architects are gifted in creating sketches and visualizing the art form of buildings. An architect is really an artist who understands how to choose the right materials for the construction of specific building projects. He or she has an “eye” for the right design of buildings in locations. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become an architect?” When you want to become an architect, it is important for you to pursue a degree in architecture and make your dreams come to life.

What’s it like to be an architect?

When you are an architect, you spend your time drafting sketches that can be used for the creation of structures and buildings. You may also need to do research to determine which types of materials will be best for a building that you intend to construct in an area. You may work for a company and serve as part of a team of architects. When you work as part of a team of architects, you submit your designs to a supervisor. You may be given a specific project with a deadline that you need to meet. If you are given a project with a deadline, then you may need to work overtime in order to meet the deadline.

Education Requirements

To become an architect, you should research architecture programs at major colleges and universities. You may decide to obtain a bachelor’s degree in architecture. This type of degree program usually takes about four years to complete. You may also want to obtain a master’s degree in architecture. A master’s degree in architecture will give you an edge as you apply for positions with major architecture companies and firms. There are also five-year Bachelor of Architecture programs that exist. A five-year Bachelor of Architecture program will give you the opportunity to obtain a respectable degree and get the most value of your degree program for the lowest cost. You should also be skilled in listening to the wants and needs of your clients. Being an architect requires the ability to be an effective communicator. You need to know what your clients want and be able to deliver a product that matches their wants. An architect should also be very familiar with the use of architect software like CADD.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of an architect is about $70,000 a year. An architect may earn a higher salary if he or she has an independent firm. One may also earn a higher salary if he or she works for a prestigious architecture firm. To get a job as an architect, one should apply for architecture firms upon completion of an architecture program. One can also create his or her own architecture business upon graduation from a college program. If an architect has a truly unique vision to bring to the world, then he or she may want to own an independent business.