How Do I Become An Architectural Engineer?

If the thought of designing great buildings thrills you, then you may have a future as an architectural engineer. Becoming an architectural engineer can be a great way to contribute to society and pursue a fulfilling career. There are plenty of ways to succeed as an architectural engineer. One may work for an architect company, or one may open his or her own design firm. An architectural engineer is usually consumed with making sure that a building is safe for the public use. An architectural engineer also wants to ensure that a building meets code regulations in a particular locality. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become an architectural engineer?” When you want to become an architectural engineer, it is essential to pursue a degree in architecture and engineering.

What’s it like to be an architectural engineer?

Being an architectural engineer is a very fulfilling career for people who are creative and also have a passion for science. When you become an architectural engineer, you will likely be assigned to work on a particular building project. You may need to work with sketch artists in order to develop a presentation for the leaders of your company. It will be important for you to make progress on a project every week. You will have to meet with project supervisors to let them know the status of your project. When you are an architectural engineer, it is important for you to know how to work well with a team of people. You will likely have to work with other engineers to develop a building project.

Education Requirements

To become an architectural engineer, one will need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in architecture. It is important for a person to gain a thorough education in structural design when he or she wants to become an architectural engineer. Having a background in design can also prove to be helpful for a career as an architectural engineer. When a person has a background in design, he or she will be able to create a beautiful aesthetic design for a building. You should also try to pursue an internship during your time in a college. Participating in an internship gives you the opportunity to gain skills that will help you in your career as an architectural engineer. You may also gain connections in your workplace that prove to be valuable upon your graduation from an engineering program.

You should also take the required state examination in order to become a licensed architectural engineer. You should research the requirements for the exam. In some states, you need to complete an apprenticeship for at least two or three years before you can become an architectural engineer.

If you want to teach at the university level, then you should consider pursuing a doctoral degree in architectural engineering. Pursuing a master’s degree can also be a wise decision for those who want to have a greater earning power.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The average salary of an architectural engineer is about $78,000 a year. When you want to become an architectural engineer, it is important to seek open positions at engineering firms. Architect firms also typically hire engineers to work closely with architects. You should be prepared to work as part of a team.