How Do I Become A Clinical Research Assistant?

If you have a passion for doing research, then you may love the opportunity to become a clinical research assistant. As a clinical research assistant, you can have an incredible impact on health care systems around the world. You will undergo training in order to learn more about the design and implementation of important research studies. It will be essential for you to learn how to review research data in order to help medical companies develop effective drugs for the treatment of patients. You may also play a role in helping a company to develop drugs that meet legal regulations. Maybe you have asked, “How do I become a clinical research assistant?” If you have always dreamed about working in a lab, then you should pursue a bachelor’s degree at the minimum in order to pursue this goal.

What’s it like to be a clinical research assistant?

The day in the life of a clinical research assistant can be very busy. You may have to work long hours if a government grant proposal is due for your medical entity. You may need to develop a proposal for a new research study that will analyze the impact that a drug has on the general population. A clinical research laboratory will expect you to devise and implement research studies. You may ultimately have the position of overseeing a group of employees and ensuring that they follow through with a research study. You may need to order equipment that is going to be used in your research study. As a clinical research assistant, you hold a tremendous amount of responsibility and will have to ensure that a research study is being conducted according to a set budget.

Education Requirements

It is important for you to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree if you want to become a clinical research assistant. You should also try to obtain as much experience as possible before you begin the process of applying to jobs at laboratories. You should try to gain at least two years of experience in working within a pharmaceutical company. It is essential that you try to gain practical experience and are able to see how a research study is conducted from start to finish.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the average salary for a clinical research assistant is about $57,000 a year. A clinical research assistant can expect to earn a higher salary after about five years of working within this field. One may also be promoted to a position of higher authority. The BLS reports that the demand for this career is expected to grow by at least 14 percent in the next ten years.

To become a clinical research assistant, one should try to gain internship experience during his or her undergraduate years. By gaining experience in an internship, you will be able to foster connections that may prove to be valuable during the job application process. You may be able to land a position with a high-profile pharmaceutical company simply due to your prior internship experience. Otherwise, you should seek to become as qualified as possible before you begin to apply for positions as a clinical research assistant. The competition for this position has been growing more intense in the past few years. You should try to set yourself apart from the competition by having a variety of degrees under your belt. This will also put you in a good position so that you can ultimately receive a promotion or better salary in the years to come.