How Do I Become A CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistants play a vital role in improving the health of patients. They are typically hired to visit the homes of patients and administer treatments to them. A CNA may also be hired on a full-time basis by a family. A family may want to hire a CNA to take care of a person who is physically disabled or has a tragic illness like cancer. The CNA can work flexible hours if he or she wants. Some CNAs only work one day out of the week. If you are someone who likes to care for other people, then you will make a great CNA. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a CNA?” When you want to become a CNA, it is important for you to obtain training that will provide you with the right skills for serving as a CNA.

What’s it like to be a CNA?

When you are a CNA, you have the ability to care for patients who need your help. You will administer medications to patients. You may also help them with physical therapy assignments that they have. For example, you may help a disabled person learn how to use a different part of his or her body for daily tasks. You may also help an elderly person get his or her daily exercise. Being a CNA is a dream career for people who enjoy taking care of others. One may also work in a hospital setting. If one works in a hospital setting, then he or she will likely have to work late hours. One will also have to work with a greater number of patients on a regular basis.

Education Requirements

To become a CNA, one should obtain the appropriate training. Local community colleges frequently offer courses for individuals who want to become CNAs. These courses help people learn about the different ways to take care of other people. A training course may also teach CNAs about techniques for lifting patients or for administering medications to them. A CNA will also learn about things to do in emergency situations. If a patient passes out, then a CNA will know how to respond and help the patient. A CNA should also be prepared to take a state competency exam. It is important for a CNA to take this type of exam in order to receive his or her license. If one wants to work for a hospital or agency, then he or she will need to present this license to the appropriate authority.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary for a CNA is about $24,000 a year. This figure can increase if a CNA decides to work additional hours. Many CNAs choose to put in overtime hours at a hospital in order to receive a higher pay. To obtain a position as a CNA, one should apply for positions at a local hospital or agency. An agency will refer a CNA to families who need to hire a personal nurse for a family member. In a hospital setting, the CNA will be assigned to a specific floor of patients.