How Do I Become A Computer Engineer?

As a computer engineer, you have the ability to work on a variety of computer issues for a company. You may focus on the communications aspect of a company, and you may develop the instant messaging or chat feature or a company website. Your work may help improve the e-mail system of a company and provide employees with a more efficient way of getting in touch with one another. You may work in the software engineering area of a company, and you may be expected to choose the best virus protection software programs for a company. You may also be given the sole task of developing computer graphics for a company’s website. The computer engineer may also be responsible for teaching company employees how to use a new computer system. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a computer engineer?” When you want to thrive in this career, it is essential for you to choose the right educational route.

What’s it like to be a computer engineer?

A computer engineer typically works a 40-hour work week. He or she may have a supervisor, and the supervisor may assign certain projects to the computer engineer. The engineer may need to research cyber-attack issues for a company and how to avoid them in the future. He or she may also need to figure out the best shopping cart software for a company website. The computer engineer may also have the role of designing a new retail website for the company. In some small businesses, the computer engineer is essentially the “go to” person for any computer issues that employees face. In a larger company, the computer engineer will likely take on more specialized roles. The computer engineer will need to maintain software on a regular basis. He or she may also need to recommend software upgrades that can benefit the business.

Education Requirements

To become a computer engineer, one should obtain a bachelor’s degree in the study of computer science or software engineering. It is also a good idea for a computer engineer to take courses that focus on statistics and mathematics. One’s college years should be focused in developing the analytical abilities that he or she needs in order to resolve complex network issues. The most important skills that an employer will seek in a computer engineer is the ability to write computer code. Attending information technology seminars is also a good way for one to learn about the latest computer programs that are being released on the Internet. One should also look to take courses in embedded systems and digital image analysis. Understanding the platforms of different social media networks will also put a person at an advantage in applying for a position as a computer engineer at companies.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary of a computer engineer is about $80,000 a year. One can also quickly advance to a higher salary in this career field due to the plentiful opportunities for advancement that exist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for computer engineers will increase by 30 percent in the next ten years. To get a job as a computer engineer, one should apply for open positions with small businesses and major tech companies.