How Do I Become A Computer Programmer?

So you’re thinking about a future career and wondering How do I become a computer programmer? You’ve come to the right place! Our goal is to answer that question with this article.

Computer programmers play a key role in developing new software programs and fixing existing ones. While they use different types of programming language, their primary duty is to format software programs so that machines can recognize them. If you are asking yourself “how do I become a computer programmer?,” the following information should help.

This profession revolves around creating new programs and making systems run as smoothly as possible. When you become a computer programmer, you can work on a variety of projects both large and small. Some common projects include creating new web applications, computer games and widgets. Along with this, you may end up spending time fixing issues like glitches and computer bugs on existing programs. In some cases, you will work alongside a team of other programmers on large projects. Other times, you may work independently on smaller ones. To become a successful computer programmer, you should have solid technical and mathematical skills.

In terms of educational requirements for this career, they are as follows. At the bare minimum, you will need at least an associate’s degree or a certificate from a reputable program. However, you will be limited to the types of positions you can attain with only this amount of education. In order to increase the amount of positions you are eligible for, it’s best to have a four year bachelor’s degree in an area like computer science, information systems or a related field.

If you want to maximize your earning potential, you may want to consider going to graduate school after receiving your bachelor’s degree. This way, when you become a computer programmer, you should have plenty of open doors upon graduation and can earn more money. Throughout your time in school, it’s highly recommended to enroll in some type of internship program. By doing this, you can get plenty of hands on, real world experience that will better prepare you for later on down the road. Along with this, you can often establish connections and it tends to look better on your resume when applying for future jobs. Due to the evolving nature of technology, you may also be required to attend periodic seminars to stay abreast of changes after being hired.

When it comes to salary, the average person will earn approximately $69,620 a year. However, you will often have to work your way up the ladder when you become a computer programmer and may start off at significantly less. In order to streamline the process of landing a job, it’s smart to join a professional association like the IEEE Computer Society or the ICCP. Doing so should give you a sense of credibility, and these associations can also provide you with help for choosing your specific career path.

Some common types of jobs in this industry include working at computer software companies, helping people perform troubleshooting, doing software consultation, working as an instructor and doing independent freelance work. Due to technological nature of this career, it’s often possible to work remotely and telecommute for your job.