How Do I Become A Criminal Profiler?

A criminal profiler contributes important skills in helping to resolve crimes. He or she will use analytical skills in order to pick out individuals who may be suspected of a crime. There are a lot of factors that go into the process of profiling individuals. It is not always as intuitive as the media may portray it. These individuals need to have a thorough understanding of forensic science, and they also need to be able to keep track of the top criminals in the world. They will need to study the key players in major crimes like drug trafficking or terrorist activities. Maybe you have asked, “How do I become a criminal profiler?” If you want to become a criminal profiler, then the best way to prepare for this career is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related area of study.

Featured Criminal Justice Programs

  1. American InterContinental University – Bachelor (BSCJ) – Corrections and Case Management
  2. Rasmussen College – Criminal Justice Bachelor’s – Client Services/Corrections
  3. Walden University – B.S. in Criminal Justice – Crime and Criminals

What’s it like to be a criminal profiler?

When you become a criminal profiler, you will be handling major criminal cases. You may be assigned to a particular case, and you may need to travel to an area to determine which individuals are involved in the criminal activity. The FBI may call upon you to go to the airport in order to seek out individuals who may be suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. You may also need to go to the subway stop of a city in order to find individuals who may be suspected of involvement with drug trafficking crimes. The life of a criminal profiler can be quite spontaneous. You may be suddenly assigned to travel to a certain city in order to engage in profiling activities for the day. You should be ready for these “sudden” type of assignments. You also should be someone with a courageous instinct. You may be assigned to cases that could potentially put your own life in jeopardy, and you should be ready to take on this risk.

Education Requirements

To become a criminal profiler, you should obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree from a college. It is important for you to pursue an area of study that relates to the study of criminal profiling. You may decide to major in psychology, behavioral science, criminal justice or forensic science. Be sure to take courses in evidence law and the criminal justice system. It is important to have a good understanding of how the criminal justice system functions.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary for a criminal profiler is about $75,000 a year. When you want to become a criminal profiler, it is important for you to network with other established profilers in the field. You should also be prepared to undergo a rigorous training program in order to become a criminal profiler. The typical college graduate will work for a federal branch of the government when he or she tries to obtain a position as a criminal profiler. One may also work for Homeland Security if he or she wants to become a criminal profiler.