How Do I Become A Dental Hygienist?

If you enjoy the thought of improving a person’s smile, then you may be a great candidate for a career as a dental hygienists. Dental hygienists play a very important role in cleaning a person’s teeth. The dental hygienist frequently sees a patient before his or her appointment. It is the responsibility of the dental assistant to prepare the patient to be seen by the dentist. The dental assistant will also consult with the patient to ask him or her about any dental issues that he or she may be experiencing. If you like the thought of working with a dentist, then you will enjoy working as a dental hygienist. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a dental hygienist?” When you want to become a dental assistant, it is important for you to obtain the necessary educational background.

What’s it like to be a dental hygienist?

When you are a dental hygienist, you typically work about 40 hours a week. It is your task to meet with the patients on a daily basis. You will usually perform a pre-cleaning measure before the dentist sees the patient. You may wash the patient’s mouth with dental fluids. If the patient has been experiencing tooth aches or other dental issues, then he or she may explain them to you before the appointment. You can then relay this information back to the dentist. The dental hygienist usually works in a very low-pressure atmosphere. The job can be stressful when a patient may require an emergency surgery procedure. Dental hygienists should be prepared to respond in these sorts of emergency situations. Being a dental assistant is a great career for individuals who enjoy working with patients and have great communication skills.

Education Requirements

If you want to work in a dental office, then you should try to obtain an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. An associate’s degree will usually take two years to complete. If you want to work in a public hospital, then you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. You can typically find great associate programs offered at local community colleges. One of the benefits of obtaining an associate’s degree is that it costs a lot less than degrees from universities.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the BLS, the starting salary for a dental hygienist is about $50,000 a year. If you work for an extended number of years as a dental hygienist, then you can earn $60,000 to $70,000 a year. You may also be promoted in the office, and you would be able to earn a greater salary in this instance too. If you want to get a job as a dental assistant, then you should apply for open positions at dentist offices. You should also look for open positions in hospitals and clinics in the community. You may also want to work as an intern for an organization that provides free dental work to people, because this can help you form valuable connections with dentists in the community. A dentist may eventually hire you if you decide to work as a volunteer for one of these types of organizations. You can also search online for open positions at dental offices and hospitals in your local community.