How Do I Become A Dentist?

Being a dentist is a lucrative and fulfilling career. Dentists help people take care of their teeth, and they also help people learn how to prevent cavities. A dentist can teach patients how to properly brush their teeth, floss and avoid harmful junk foods. Dentists also know how to clean the teeth of individuals and may have to perform complex surgeries. An individual may need to have teeth pulled, and a dentist will prepare the individual to have teeth pulled. Dentists help individuals recover from having their wisdom teeth pulled. Dentists also help improve the appearance of an individual’s teeth and make them look gorgeous. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a dentist?” When you want to become a dentist, it is important for you to devote years of your life to the educational requirements for this career.

What’s it like to be a dentist?

Dentists enjoy a career with little stress. The typical dentist will work about 40 hours a week and meet with patients throughout the week. A dentist may meet with patients who need a simple teeth cleaning. They may also meet with patients who require intense surgery procedures and need to have their wisdom teeth pulled. Dentists may also host seminars in the local community and teach mass groups of people how to care for their teeth. A dentist may also want to volunteer his or her time for an organization that provides free dental work to low income citizens. The most important task that a dentist completes in his or her daily work is detecting diseases. A dentist may be able to detect rare forms of cancer in an individual’s mouth.

Education Requirements

To become a dentist, one must complete a bachelor’s degree program. An individual should also apply to dental schools during his or her senior year of college. One can get in touch with the American Dental Association to learn about all of the dental schools in the United States. During your senior year of college, you will need to take the Dental Admissions Test. Dental schools will consider your test scores and grade point average in deciding whether to admit you to their programs. In your first two years of dental school, you will take courses that expose you to science and dental concepts. In your last two years of dental school, you will have the opportunity to work in a dental office and receive credit. You should try to work at a dental office during your summers in between semesters. Working in a dental office will help you line up a job for after graduation.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a dentist is about $160,000 a year. To get a job as a dentist, one should apply for positions at private offices. One may also want to begin his or her career as a dentist by volunteering for a clinic that provides free dental work to low income citizens. Being part of this type of clinic gives a person the chance to meet other established dentists in the community. A person may be able to find a job as a dentist through connections made in this type of volunteer program.