How Do I Become A Graphic Designer?

Being a graphic designer is a fulfilling career for the opportunity that individuals have for creative expression. When one works as a graphic designer, he or she can earn an income for improving corporate websites, making fun cartoons or creating a new company logo. A graphic designer can essentially turn his or her career into whatever he or she wants. Graphic designers can work on an independent basis, or they can work for major companies. The goal of a graphic designer is to create work that will be attractive to the public. A company may want to hire a graphic designer to assist in revamping its marketing program. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a graphic designer?” When you want to become a graphic designer, it is important to develop your own sense of style.

What’s it like to be a graphic designer?

When you are a graphic designer, you can use software programs to create logos and other types of symbols. Graphic designers may also sketch their own designs using traditional art tools, such as colored pencils or markers. A graphic designer can create his or her own schedule and work in a completely independent manner. If a graphic designer works for a major advertising agency, then he or she can expect to work additional hours on a weekly basis.

Education Requirements

To become a graphic designer, you do not need to have any formal education requirements if you wish to work as an independent contractor. You simply need to be skilled in drawing and using artistic software programs. If you want to work for a graphic design firm, then you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. You should make sure that a college offers a degree program in graphic design. Some colleges only offer a bachelor’s degree in general design principles. You may also be able to find online instruction schools that offer programs in graphic design. A local community college may also offer seminars that are designed to help graphic designers develop certain types of skills. A graphic designer may be able to take courses that teach him or her how to use new software programs in the field of graphic design.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the BLS, the average salary of a graphic designer is about $43,000 a year. A person can work online and be a graphic designer who does independent contractor work. To get a job as a graphic designer at a major firm, one should look for open positions on the internet or through word of mouth. One may also want to meet with a career counselor at a graphic design college in order to find work. Another way to find work as a graphic designer is to simply network with other graphic designers. A graphic designer who is overloaded with work may want to refer some of his or her projects to you. This can be a great way to get your start as a graphic designer.