How Do I Become A Health Educator?

As a health educator, you hold tremendous power in helping the public avoid harmful illnesses. One of your major tasks is to discuss all of the ways in which diseases are perpetuated throughout society. You may be responsible for organizing a seminar series that is hosted for the benefit of the public. The seminar series may help individuals learn about the ways in which they can engage in safer sex or adhere to a healthier diet plan. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a health educator?” When you want to become a health educator, it is important for you to receive a degree in hospital administration or healthcare public policy.

What’s it like to be a health educator?

The typical health educator works about 40 hours a week. He or she may teach courses at a local community college about the medical profession. There are a variety of topics that a health educator can cover in his or her classes. A health educator may be able to cover topics such as public policy or nursing in his or her classes. Health educators are also responsible for helping students learn about the ways in which they can engage in safer sex. A public school may hire a health educator to teach a course on sex education for the day. College campuses will also host health educators who seek to teach college students about avoiding STDs and other harmful sexually-transmitted diseases. Health educators may also teach courses that are for students in high school. These types of courses may expose students to ways that they can take care of their health through healthy diet and physical fitness.

Education Requirements

To become a health educator, one should obtain a degree in health & public policy. A person should research all of the degree programs that are available at a college to see whether healthcare-focused programs exist. One may also want to obtain a degree in teaching in order to become a health educator. Having a degree in teaching can help a person stand apart from the crowd of other applicants for this type of position. One should also try to gain experience by working in a hospital or other medical atmosphere. This will give a health educator first-hand knowledge about all of the inner-workings of a hospital. The health educator can then share this knowledge when he or she hosts seminars for the public.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The average salary of a health educator is about $45,000 a year. The salary can vary depending on the level of experience that a health educator has. To get a job as a health educator, one should try to apply for positions at local hospitals. It is also a good idea for individuals to apply for positions at local community colleges. One should try to network with people who have already established themselves within the medical field. This will open up doors to individuals who want to become health educators. The BLS anticipates that there will be a growth in the demand for qualified health educators. There will be an increased demand due to the need for hospitals to lower their costs by educating patients about the adaptation of healthier behaviors. The BLS anticipates that there will be a 37% increased demand for health educators in the future.