How Do I Become A Hospital Administrator?

If you enjoy supervising major health programs that help patients, then you may be a great candidate for a position in hospital administration. Being a hospital administrator gives you the power to make important decisions that affect the planning and supervision of a health care facility. You may manage administrative tasks for an OB GYN clinic or a drug treatment center. You may work for the local public interest hospital. There are plenty of ways for you to have a positive impact in the health care world if you are an administrator. Maybe you have thought, “How do I become a hospital administrator?” If you want to pursue a career in this field, then you should be ready to pursue at least four years of education toward completion of this goal.

Featured Health Care Administration Programs

  1. Capella University BS – Health Care Administration Leadership
  2. Kaplan University BS in Healthcare Administration
  3. Colorado Technical University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

What’s it like to be a hospital administrator?

When you become a hospital administrator, you will be charged with the task of making sure that a hospital operates in an efficient manner. You have the task of recruiting new doctors for your hospital. You also may recruit other professionals for the hospital, such as nurses and interns. One of your other tasks for the week may be to set the budget for a hospital. You may be responsible for ensuring that a hospital meets its financial goals for the month. You may also need to pick out specific ways that a hospital can cut its expenses in order to meet its budget goals. Administrators also have the task of planning seminar series for the local community. They ensure that a hospital is in compliance with legal regulations. Lastly, you may have the difficult task of applying for government funding that will benefit your hospital.

Education Requirements

The best way to enter into this competitive field is to pursue a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Jobs in the hospital administration field have become very competitive. You can find a bachelor’s degree program that is catered to hospital management or public health. These sorts of degree programs can expose you to the daily tasks that a hospital administrator faces. A bachelor’s degree in business administration may also provide you with a helpful background for hospital administration. Upon the completion of a master’s program, you may apply for residency or fellowship positions. It is becoming much more common for students to participate in a year-long fellowship with a hospital before taking on a full-time role in hospital administration.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The salary of a hospital administrator can vary depending on the health care field that he or she chooses. The salary is usually between $70,000 to $110,000 a year. Hospital administrators who work in pharmacies usually have the greatest salaries. If you want to enter into this field, it is a good idea to obtain experience in an internship program. You will be provided with valuable networking opportunities in a hospital if you participate in an internship program. You should apply for positions within pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and other entities that offer health services for people. You may even work in a nursing home or hospice facility.

Pursuing a career as a hospital administrator is a good idea for anyone who wants a stable career and the ability to make influential decisions in the health care field. You can help improve the medical facilities that are in your local community when you decide to become a hospital administrator. It is important for you to complete the necessary education requirements and try to gain a fellowship experience upon the completion of a Master’s degree.