How Do I Become A Network Administrator?

A network administrator has the task of maintaining LAN systems and local area networks. The work of a network administrator ensures that individuals in the community are able to receive the Internet and other services the depend on the maintenance of these networks. The network administrator has a thorough knowledge of computer and internet systems. Becoming a network administrator does not take a significant amount of one’s time. It only takes a couple of years to become a certified network administrator. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a network administrator?” When you want to become a network administrator, it is important for you to learn more about college programs that are offered near you.

What’s it like to be a network administrator?

The typical network administrator works about 40 hours a week. He or she simply oversees a LAN system to make sure that it is operating in an effective and efficient manner. The network administrator seeks to ensure that the local community is able to access the Internet. The network administrator may have to respond to an individual phone call from a member of the community if he or she is having difficulty in accessing the Internet. The network administrator may also need to update the system that a community uses. One may also work as an in-house network administrator for a business. Businesses will frequently hire network administrators to ensure that all employees have access to the Internet for their daily work functions.

Education Requirements

To become a network administrator, one should look for educational opportunities at his or her local community college. A community college or trade school typically offers a one or two year program for network administrators. These programs will expose individuals to the ways in which internet systems function. One may also be able to earn a certificate from major companies like Microsoft. If one earns a certificate from a company like Microsoft, this will put a person in a good position for obtaining a job as a network administrator. Companies want to see that a person has been trained in the minimum skills that are required to become a network administrator. Cisco is another company that offers a certificate for network administrators. One should also try to work in a part-time position in an IT department during his or her time in one of these programs. Working with other individuals in an IT department can help a network administrator learn how to work as a part of a team. It is essential for network administrators to also learn about the different types of systems that companies use on a daily basis, such as Oracle.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary for a network administrator is about $50,000 to $90,000 a year. The salary that a network administrator receives will depend on the amount of responsibility that he or she has in the position. It is important for a network administrator to try to negotiate his or her salary before accepting a position. To obtain a job as a network administrator, one should apply for positions with the government and at local businesses. Local businesses frequently have a great need for network administrators to work with their IT professionals.