How Do I Become a News Reporter?

Being a news reporter is one of the most thrilling careers out there. When a politician is running for office or a major world event is happening, you get to be at the center of it all. The world learns about new things through the lens of your reporting. As a journalist, you hold an incredible amount of power for shaping the way that people interpret world events. You have a great amount of influence, and it is up to you to use that influence in a wise manner. When you want to become a successful news reporter, here are the steps that you should follow.

Have a Love for Stories, Research and Information

As a journalist, you should have a passion for being part of the culture and greater society. You should have a love for stories and for telling a story in your own words. Another important aspect of being a news reporter is being able to do research and analyze information. If you have a love for learning and a natural curiosity, then you will love being a news reporter.

Have the Right Skills

In addition to having a passion and natural love for stories, you should also have excellent oral and written communication skills. As a news reporter, you will be reporting on stories that are aired to thousands of people. Having an upbeat and positive attitude is another essential part of being a news reporter. You should also be able to communicate stories in an intelligent and serious manner.

Pursue a Journalism Degree

When you are in college, you have an incredible opportunity to pursue a degree in journalism. Make sure that you attend a college where you can hone your written and oral communication skills in classes. It is okay if you attend a university that does not offer a specific journalism program. Some universities, such as the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, only offer communications classes. You can pursue a general communications degree and use this in your career as a journalist. In a general communications program, you will learn about the power that the media has for shaping the way we perceive world events. You may also be able to learn how to do research on the impact of the media in a general communications program.

If you do find a college that offers a specific journalism program, then chances are that you will learn how to communicate through broadcast television. A lot of the journalism programs now focus on how students can use social media and communicate to wide audiences through the television. Students usually no longer focus on learning how to write and report newspaper articles in journalism programs since newspapers are now becoming obsolete.

Gain Experience

Try to gain experience in any possible way that you can. If you are still in high school, then reporting for your school newspaper is one way to gain significant experience in the journalism world. If you are in college, then you can find more specific opportunities that cater to the exact type of journalism that you want to pursue. If you want to write for a newspaper, then you can gain experience by writing for one of the college newspaper. Your college may also have its own television station to give students experience in reporting. Try to seek out these experiences since they may be the only opportunities that you have to gain experience.

Lastly, always try to find an internship with a major journalism outlet if you want to pursue a career in journalism. This will help you establish yourself in the field.