How Do I Become an Oracle DBA?

Every year, there are plenty of professors and other accomplished individuals who wonder, “How do I become an Oracle DBA?” An Oracle DBA plays an important role in overseeing that the Oracle software is being implemented in the right way by a company. This individual keeps a close eye on all of the data stored in the Oracle database to ensure that the software is functioning in the proper way.

What’s it like to be an Oracle DBA?

Being an Oracle DBA gives a person the satisfaction of knowing that he or she has an important role in the operation of a business. A person who wants to become an Oracle DBA should be aware that the position is a full-time commitment. You will be expected to work at odd hours if a computer system crashes or a virus has infected a computer system. You will have to know about the way in which the Oracle system works with other computer systems. You may even have to work on holidays if the Internet is suffering from down time. Overall, the career as an Oracle DBA can be stressful for people. Some people enjoy the high intensity of this career path.

Education Requirements

To be considered for a position as an Oracle DBA, you must possess at least an undergraduate degree in computer science. You will likely have to have a Master’s degree or doctoral degree in computer science as well. The competition for these positions is fierce. You can expect to apply for a position and compete with a professor who is coming from an Ivy League college. Professors are frequently attracted to this type of career for the intellectual challenge of the career. It is also essential that you have a thorough understanding of the Oracle system. Ideally, you should have already participated in a position where you were given an immense amount of responsibility in overseeing the computer systems of a company.

Frequently, IT professionals are attracted to the prospect of being an Oracle DBA. It is important for IT professionals to have excellent written and oral communication skills. IT professionals should be able to communicate effectively with the staff that they oversee. One of the greatest challenges for those who want this position is having the necessary administration skills to succeed in the job. If you have a business administration degree, then you may be a top prospect for a position as an Oracle DBA.

Lastly, you should be aware that to become an Oracle DBA you may have to take courses through the training programs offered by Oracle. Many people who want to become an Oracle DBA find these classes to be informative and helpful in the business setting.

Salary and Job Opportunities

The starting salary for an Oracle DBA is upwards of $100,000. It is not uncommon for an individual who is the Oracle DBA to make the same amount of cash that the vice president of a company makes. You may be able to find other types of positions as an Oracle expert for a business. There is a great demand for individuals who have a strong understanding of the Oracle network and can apply that knowledge in a business setting.


If you want to become an Oracle DBA, then try to look for ways to take your career to the next level. Pursue another degree in computer science or familiarize yourself with an important part of the Oracle system. You should be prepared to face very difficult competition in the application process for an Oracle DBA job with a leading business.