How do I Become A Parole Officer?

Many people are asking, “How do I become a parole officer?” A parole officer is a professional who is trained to supervise criminals who are on parole. The main goal of a parole officer is to provide parolees with the resources and treatment that they need so that they do not go out and commit the same crimes.

What is it like to be a parole officer?

A career as a parole officer can be an exciting one. Parole officers play an important role in rehabilitating criminals and deterring crime. They also help convicts become functional members of society. Parole officers help criminals find employment, housing, education services and health care.

Because parole officers work directly with criminals, this job can be very dangerous. Thousands of parole officers are hurt or killed on the job each year. That is why they are required to carry firearms when they are working.

How do you become a parole officer?

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education that is required to become a parole officer. Students typically earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, or a related field. Once students graduate from college, they must pass a psychological examination, background check, drug test and background check. Some states may also require that a person have prior experience in the field of counseling or corrections. Additionally, all states require that parole officers be at least 20 years old and possess a driver’s license.

It is important to note that parole officers who want to get a federal job will have to have a master’s degree. Parole officers who work for the federal government are also required to be between the ages of 21 and 37.

There are a number of important skills that people who want to become a parole officer need to have. Parole officers need to have excellent communication skills because they work with criminals, police officers and other correction treatment specialists. They should also be organized and have excellent critical thinking skills. This job is very stressful, so people who are interested in this field should be emotionally stable. Parole officers are also required to write detailed reports, which is why excellent writing skills are another pertinent skill for this field.

Salary and job opportunities for a parole officer

The median salary for a parole officer is around $50,000 per year. New parole officers typically start off making less than $30,000 per year. Seasoned parole officers can make over $60,000 per year. The highest paid parole officers are usually the ones who work for the federal government. Their salary ranges from $ 71,000 to $91,000 per year. However, it is important to note that most people would say that they did not become a parole officer solely for the salary.

The job opportunities for a parole officer are expected to be plentiful. In fact, this field is growing slightly faster than the national average. There are a number of alternative forms of punishment available for criminals and that is increasing the demand for parole officers. Parole officers can work for the department of corrections, youth correction centers, state criminal justice department or a federal justice department.