How Do I Become A Project Manager?

How do I become a Project Manager is a question that has been asked by several individuals. To become a Project Manager, you must first have all the right credentials and industry knowledge. This includes on the job experience, as well as educational degrees or certifications in your respective field.

Job Entailment

Many also wonder what it’s like to be a Project Manager. For one, Project management is a highly detailed and intricate profession. Therefore, you must possess strong analytical, social, and problem solving skills. According to industry critics, one of the best ways to enter Project Management is by securing a business degree. From business administration to marketing, these degrees can be attained on-line or at traditional business schools. To become a Project Manager, you must also possess solid leadership skills. This will help you manage projects within time and budget, while ensuring your team meets all goals, initiatives, and directives.


As previously stated, a sound education is simply a must for anyone wishing to become a Project Manager. This includes business courses, as well as project management degrees or certifications. As you study, you should also familiarize yourself with this vast and endless field. This means reading books, as well as checking blogs or listening to project management pod-casts. Experts also recommend volunteer work at school, and especially with non-profit organizations and entities. If possible, try applying for managerial positions as well. This can be part-time work, or even managing your school’s library or store. This will help you gain valuable managerial experience, which can later be applied to project management tasks as a whole.

If you work on a team, try having an existing Project Manager become your mentor. He or she can offer a wealth of information, as well as show you how to manage, lead, and ensure positive results with any given task. You must also learn as many software applications as possible. This will play both an essential and pivotal role in future project management undertakings. There are even Project Management associations that you can join. Simply check your area for local PMI chapters, which can help you achieve your desired goals.


While salaries tend to differ, project managers can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a year. This, of course, depends on the company or industry you venture into. The salary amounts can even be more for those that have MBA Degrees in Project Management. Like any other field or sector, there are several jobs available in project management. This includes the construction field, as well as business, marketing, advertising, medical, health, and other sectors. With the advent of social media, a number of project managers are in demand for online marketing and optimization projects. You simply need to apply for these jobs, or contact a local recruiter that can help you secure interviews and placement.

There are simply several ways to become a Project Manager. At the end, it all depends on your work ethic, and how strong you want to land a job in this spectrum. Remember, a Project Manager oversees all assigned projects from start to finish. This means you have to have tremendous patience, while setting deadlines and following up on all project aspects and goals.