How Do I Become A Purchasing Manager?

As a purchasing manager, you are some who is entrusted with making important decisions for a company. You will have the sole responsibility of ordering inventory and choosing which products to purchase for a company. You are someone who has a knack for analyzing market trends to find out which products are hot sellers on the market. Perhaps you have wondered, “How do I become a purchasing manager?” If you have thought about becoming a purchasing manager, then you should seek to build upon your retail experience and pursue a degree that relates to business or supply chain management.

What’s it like to be a purchasing manager?

If you want to become a purchasing manager, then you should be prepared to work non-stop throughout the day. You will travel to different conventions and supply shows in order to negotiate business deals for your company. You will likely order large quantities of products in order to save money for the company. You may be required to not only purchase products that will sell well for your company, but also purchase products that can be used in the office too. The responsibilities for this position can vary greatly depending on the industry. You may also have the task of overseeing other purchasing agents in your company. You will have to make sure that the products they are choosing are resulting in profits for your company.

Education Requirements

If you want to become a manager of a group of purchasing agents, then you should have a master’s degree in business administration. To become a purchasing manager, you need to show that you have a strong skill set in being able to predict market trends. You will need to have an eye for the hottest product on the market and a knowledge of whether customers will actually purchase the product. You should also try to gain a mentor during your time in college. Having a mentor who works as a purchasing manager can provide you with a full oversight of the career that you are about to enter. It is a good idea for you to have a full understanding of the responsibilities that will be required of you in this position.

You should also try to gain an internship with the merchandise department of a company during your time in college. An internship can provide you with knowledge of the responsibilities associated with being a purchasing manager. You can also gain connections in the field by participating in an internship. Lastly, you will want to take the exam to become a Certified Purchasing Manager. Obtaining this certification is essential if you want to work for a major corporation.

Salary & Job Opportunities

The typical purchasing manager makes about $58,000 a year. If you want to become a purchasing manager, then you should try to gain a position as a purchasing associate with a company. Having this experience will give you the opportunity to prove yourself and show that you are ready to become a purchasing manager. You can be a purchasing manager in a variety of industries. The fashion industry is most notable for its hiring of purchasing managers. This industry is highly competitive, and you should have a true ability to anticipate fashion trends if you wish to make it as a purchasing manager. Other industries that have a need for purchasing managers are the auto industry, sporting goods industry, clothing industry and essentially any other industry that sells a product.

Being a purchasing manager can give you a sense of satisfaction that you contributing to the global economy. The products that you choose for a company allow consumers to have greater options when they are out shopping at the mall or online.