How Do I Become A Radiology Technician?

If you enjoy helping doctors receive the information they need to help patients, then you may enjoy being a radiology technician. As a radiology technician, you will work with patients who need to obtain X-ray examinations. You may actually conduct an X-ray examination, or you may work to produce the films from an examination. You may also be responsible for organizing and analyzing data that has been received from an X-ray examination. You will then have to provide this information to the doctor who is treating a patient. One of the benefits of becoming a radiology technician is that you can work in a variety of workplace settings. You may work for a public hospital or a private doctor’s office. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a radiology technician?” If you want to become a radiology technician, then you should begin by exploring degree programs that are relevant to this career field.

What’s it like to be a radiology technician?

When you become a radiology technician, you will be able to help patients on their path to recovering from an illness. You should have excellent communication skills if you decide to become a radiology technician. You may work with patients who are afraid to receive an X-ray examination, such as children or elderly patients with medical issues. You should try to do your best to relate to these patients and make them feel comfortable. If you decide to become a radiology technician, you may work in a high-pressure atmosphere. You may work in an emergency room, and you may be expected to deliver exam results in a very quick manner. One of the rewarding aspects of working as a radiology technician is knowing that one’s examination techniques are assisting doctors in performing a medical diagnosis. A radiology technician plays a very important role in the treatment of patients. You can also get a sense of the struggles that your patients are going through when you decide to become a radiology technician. This career path will teach you how to effectively empathize with other people.

Education Requirements

When you want to become a radiology technician, a four-year degree is not necessary. One attractive aspect of this career path is that a two-year degree is required. You can typically find x-ray technician programs at local community colleges or hospitals. You may also be able to find two-year programs in vocational institutes. Pursuing this type of education in a vocational institute can be a good idea for the person who wants to improve his or her chances of finding a job upon graduation. By gaining experience in a vocational institute, you will have the opportunity to establish yourself within a hospital setting. You may then be offered employment upon your graduation. Pursuing a four-year degree can be helpful if you decide to specialize in treating a particular type of patient. If you only want to work with lung cancer patients, then it is a good idea to pursue a four-year degree to obtain the knowledge needed for this specialization.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a radiology technician is about $54,000 a year. If you want to find a job in this career field, then you should try to look for open positions at your local hospital. The BLS reports that the demand for this career will grow by 28 percent in the next ten years. You should not have a problem in finding work within this career field.