How Do I Become a School Psychologist?

As a school psychologist, you have the profound opportunity to be a supportive person in the life of a child. A child may be going through great emotional turmoil due to bullying at school or a parent’s divorce situation. When you are a school psychologist, you are able to provide guidance and support for the child. You are able to listen to his or her issues and help the child resolve those issues. One of your other tasks is to help a child stay focused on school and develop a plan for him or her to succeed. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a school psychologist?” When you want to become a school psychologist, it is essential to pursue a doctoral degree.

What’s it like to be a school psychologist?

When you are a school psychologist, you deal with very sensitive issues in the lives of students. You may deal with a student who is being physically abused in his or her household. It may be your responsibility to report the abuse to the necessary authorities. School psychologists may work with social workers in order to help transition students into a more stable household. School psychologists will frequently meet with students in appointments during school hours. They may need to meet with a student who has been causing trouble in the classroom. One of the other major tasks of a school psychologist is to make sure that a student is completing all of his or her work. A school psychologist may need to check up on a student and ensure that the student is sticking to a study plan that has been developed for him or her.

Education Requirements

To become a school psychologist, a person will need to obtain a Master’s degree or doctoral degree. Becoming a school psychologist requires a deep commitment. One will need to spend many years of his or her life in school in order to pursue this goal. It is essential to research the types of counseling programs that are offered at universities before you enroll in any particular university. You may want to make sure that a college offers a program that is tailored to the pursuit of a career as a school psychologist. Participating in an internship program will also help a person understand what it is like to serve as a school psychologist. An educational program may require that you complete at least 1200 hours in an internship program in order to become a school psychologist. You should research the specific requirements of your state in order to determine what is required in order to become a school psychologist.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary of a school psychologist is about $35,000 to $50,000. As a person gains more experience, he or she will be able to earn a higher salary. When one has at least twenty years of experience in this career field, he or she will be able to earn a salary of $60,000 to $80,000. To obtain a position as a school psychologist in a school, one should try to participate in a clinical program within the school. Participating in a clinical program can give a person the opportunity to develop valuable connections in the school.