How Do I Become a Secret Service Agent?

The Secret Service plays an incredibly important role in the functioning of the government and society. The Secret Service has access to intelligence that is used to protect the country from national threats of terrorism. A Secret Service agent also has the important role of protecting the president from harm. He or she may also work to protect the president’s family from harm. If being “behind the scenes” of our nation’s government appeals to you, then you may enjoy a career as a secret service agent. Maybe you have asked, “How do I become a secret service agent?” When you are thinking about becoming a secret service agent, you should consider enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program that exposes you the ways in which the government functions. This will help you understand your own role in protecting the government from outside attacks.

What’s it like to be a secret service agent?

When you are a secret service agent, you will likely be on your feet all day. You may go with the president to his or her special functions for the day. It may be your job to protect the president’s children or spouse when they go out on the town. You have the role of observing a public area in order to decipher any suspicious behavior in the crowd. If you do notice that someone is acting in a suspicious manner, then you may need to evacuate the president or other government official from the area. You may also need to approach someone who is acting in a suspicious manner. It will be important for you to make sure that individuals do not pose a threat to government officials. You may have to work long hours as a secret service agent. When a politician is running for re-election, you may find that you have to work extended hours and accompany the politician to his or her campaign sites. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a secret service agent?” When you want to have this important job, it is important to prep early on by learning as much about the government as possible.

Education Requirements

To become a secret service agent, you do not need to obtain any particular degree. It is helpful if you decide to pursue a degree in a field like government studies or criminology. Pursuing a degree in one of these fields will help you gain a formative understanding of the different functions of government. You will also gain a better understanding of what your role is in protecting politicians who work within the government.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The average salary of a secret service agent is about $55,000. Agents will be able to receive a greater salary if they decide to obtain additional degrees. They may also be promoted to positions of higher authority. To get a job as a secret service agent, you will simply need to submit an application to the appropriate government branch. You should be prepared to undergo a very rigorous application process. It can be very difficult to obtain a position as a secret service agent. The application process is also very competitive, and you should have top-notch grades in order to distinguish yourself in the crowd of applicants for this position.