How to Become a Statistician

Are you the type of person who enjoys working with numbers, figuring out odds and probabilities, and taking chances? If so, then you may want to consider a career as a statistician, where you can be paid to crunch these numbers and figure out odds and probabilities responsible for huge decision-making.

What is it Like to be a Statistician?

Working in a job as a statistician can be very rewarding, but it is also quite stressful. Therefore, anybody who gets into this field should be able to handle tight deadlines, stay very organized, and have the ability to cope with stress and not let it affect their work.

Most statisticians are employed by companies who need their services on a regular basis when it comes to figuring out the odds or probabilities of something happening. These odds can help the company to make important decisions and, in turn, make large profits in the process.

Education Needed to Become a Statistician

Getting into a career as a statistician requires a large amount of statistical and mathematical knowledge. For this reason, most companies looking to hire somebody as a statistician will require no less than a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution in the field or something related. For example, there are various schools that offer degrees specifically in statistics. However, general mathematics majors with an emphasis in statistical analysis can typically find jobs in the field as well.

Beyond a Bachelor’s Degree, however, many statisticians go on to obtain a Master’s degree in the field to better their career outlooks. Those working for large businesses or corporations and figuring out statistics on a large investment, for example, may be required to have a Master’s degree or higher in the program. Some will even go so far as to obtain their doctorate in the field, though this is certainly not necessary to find a decent job as a statistician.

Upon graduation or in the semesters leading up to graduation, it is also a good idea to look into statistical analysis internships that may be available, as these can offer valuable experience in the field and make a person more marketable for a job.

How to Land a Job as a Statistician

Once schooling is complete, it is necessary to put together a resume or CV to begin applying for jobs as a statistician. By looking online, one should be able to find a variety of job listings in the field and will want to tailor each resume and cover letter to the specific job being applied for. This is the best way to have a shot at an interview. Upon being scheduled for an interview, one should expect to be tested on their knowledge of statistics and may even have to take an exam as a part of the interview itself. This is relatively common in the field.

Most starting statisticians with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field can expect to make anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 as their starting salary, though this can vary depending on the state one resides in and the specific company that they are hired by.