How Do I Become A Tattoo Artist?

Interested in becoming a Tattoo Artist? Tattoos are an art appreciated by many people. They are a great way to have a permanent reminder of something important or meaningful in one’s life. However, in order to turn ideas and sketches of tattoos into a reality, it is important to have a great tattoo artist. If this is something that you are interested in, then you may be wondering, “How do I become a tattoo artist?”

What is it Like to be a Tattoo Artist?
Being a tattoo artist can be a great career path for those who enjoy being creative, are good with people, and who do not get too queasy at the sight of blood. Tattoo artists use a variety of different inks and needles as a way of turning customers’ dreams of tattoos into a reality. However, working as one of these artists can be stressful, as one is under a lot of pressure to please the customer with their new and very permanent ink. Therefore, this is a job best suited for people who are confident in their artistic abilities and work well under pressure.

As far as education requirements to become a tattoo artist goes, these are typically not very rigid. For those who want to start their own tattoo parlor, no minimum education is necessarily required. For those looking to be employed by other parlors, however, these requirements can vary. Some may hire artists right out of high school, while others would prefer to hire those who have had higher education in the field of art, such as a Bachelor’s degree.

The most important aspect of being a successful tattoo artist is simply having experience and a lot of practice. Often times, to become a tattoo artist, one must experiment. There are actually dummy arms, legs, and other body parts specifically made for tattoo artists who practice on. The surface of these replicates that of human skin, allowing the artist to practice and improve his or her skills. This also requires the artist to purchase his or her own tattoo kit, which includes needed and inks needed to create tattoos.

Many parlors looking to hire tattoo artists will ask to see samples of one’s work, so for those who ant to become a tattoo artist, it is best to get some practice in and build a portfolio of his or her work over time. This can be a valuable piece of work to present to any potential employer. One may also want to consider the option of opening up their own tattoo parlor in order to become a tattoo artist and work on one’s own rules and schedule.

As far as pay goes, this will vary from parlor to parlor. Some artists make a decent salary of $40,000 per year. However, many start off with an hourly pay rate until they work their way up. Those who work as a tattoo artist may also end up managing a parlor at some point in their careers.

Overall, the demand for tattoo artists only seems to be increasing as body art becomes more acceptable in today’s culture. Therefore, for those who appreciate tattoos and enjoy art, working to as a tattoo artist can be a great and fun career move.