How Do I Become A Veterinary Assistant?

Being a veterinary assistant can be a very satisfying career for individuals. As a veterinary assistant, individuals take care of animals and help them become healed. One may have to treat an animal that has been involved in an accident. One may also have to treat an animal that has been the victim of abuse. A veterinary assistant may also have to take care of animals that suddenly fall ill. Vet assistants do miraculous work in helping animals overcome their illnesses. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a vet assistant?” When you want to become a vet assistant, it is important for you to obtain a certificate from an education plan that has been approved by a local college.

What’s it like to be a veterinary assistant?

When you are a veterinary assistant, you have the incredible opportunity to help animals recover from illnesses. You may have to treat a diverse group of animals, ranging from snakes to adorable puppies. The typical veterinary assistant treats gerbils, cats, dogs, snakes and other household pets. In rare instances, a pet owner may bring in an exotic pet that needs to be treated. He or she may bring in a large python or other animal that requires treatment. A vet assistant gains great satisfaction from knowing that he or she is treating animals. One is also able to work with pet owners to help them take care of their pets. A vet assistant may be required to travel to a pet owner’s home in order to help him or her take care of a pet. The vet assistant may have the task of showing a pet owner how to bathe or administer medication to a pet.

A vet assistant is usually able to create his or her own hours in a vet office. If one works in a major animal hospital, then he or she may be required to work additional hours.

Education Requirements

When one wants to become a veterinary assistant, he or she should obtain a certificate from the local community college. One should try to obtain a certificate in veterinary services if he or she wants to become a vet assistant. A local community college may also offer vet programs that allow students to obtain internships. An internship program can provide a highly valuable educational experience for a student. When a student participates in an internship program, he or she has the ability to form connections in the vet world. These connections may be helpful when a student needs a job upon graduation. A student is also able to learn about all of the tools that he or she will need to use to take care of animals. When one is participating in an internship program, he or she will have the chance to speak with other vets too.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary for a veterinary assistant is about $50,000 a year. To obtain a position as a veterinary assistant, one should network with other professionals in the field. One can also look for listed positions on the Internet or in a local newspaper. A college career services office may also be helpful for individuals who want to become a veterinary assistant. Overall, being a veterinary assistant is a rewarding career for those who enjoy helping animals.