How Do I Become A Firefighter?

Imagine being able to save the lives of hundreds of people every year. Not everyone has the privilege to say that he or she served as a hero in the life of another person in this world. Being a hero in someone else’s life is such an incredible experience that you can have for the rest of your life as a firefighter. During September 11, 2001, there were no greater heroes that we can all remember than the firefighters who willingly gave their lives to rescue other burning victims in the twin towers. As a firefighter, you take on a powerful role and are willing to sacrifice your own life so that others can be saved. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this honorable position in life.

Know Whether You Can Handle It

At first, the thought of being a firefighter can be very glamorous to people. It is to a person’s benefit to really think about whether he or she can handle the stress and physical labor that is required to be a firefighter. Deciding that one can not handle the stress and labor of this job does not always mean that a person has to stay out of the firefighter profession forever. There are other ways that people can be involved with a fire department. One may work on the administrative end of things, or one may be an assistant to a firefighter. These are just a couple of things that people can do to stay within this field.

Establish Your Credentials

The best type of schooling that a person can obtain to become a firefighter is to receive an EMT license. An EMT license helps a person to be able to administer CPR and other life-saving maneuvers during an emergency. Having an EMT license puts a person in a competitive position in relation to other applicants for a job.

Taking the Exam

You will have to take a firefighter entrance exam in your community. This test varies from city to city. It is to your benefit to speak with other firefighters in the community to get a feel for what the exam is like. You can get a feel for whether you can handle this exam if you speak with other firefighters. They may clue you into some of the subjects that are regularly tested on the firefighter entrance exam.

Other Aspects

You will have to pass a thorough background check before you are hired as a firefighter. It is best for you to be entirely honest during the interview process. You should be completely upfront about any past criminal convictions that you have. You should also be completely honest about your educational background. If you do not have an undergraduate degree, then you should be frank about this fact during the interview.

If you take some time to get organized, you can truly thrive in this profession. Take some time to really think about the reasons for why you want to be a firefighter. It is a very honorable profession, and you could become part of it.