How Do I Become A Land Surveyor?

Being a land surveyor can provide you with the opportunity to play an important role in the science world. When you are a land surveyor, you have the power to help in the project of creating maps and analyzing different geographic locations of the world. People who have a natural curiosity for geography will enjoy careers as land surveyors. Being a land surveyor can provide a person with consistent employment and a stable income. Here are some of the steps that you can take in order to become a land surveyor.

Earn the Appropriate Degree

Most states require that professional land surveyors have an undergraduate degree. Depending on which state that you live in, you may need to pursue an undergraduate degree in a specific area of study. You may need to pursue a degree in civil engineering or foresting, depending on exactly which type of tasks you want to do in your job as a land surveyor. If you want to work directly in natural habitats, then you should pursue a degree in forestry.

Use the Latest Software

Understanding how to use the latest land surveying software will make you more attractive in the eyes of land surveying companies. Companies will be more apt to hire you if you can save them time and money by using land surveying software. There are a few different types of systems that you should be sure to research and use in your field. You should try to use the geographic information system. You should also try to use the global positioning system or computer-aided design program. These are all programs that will make you appear to be more tech-savvy to your future land surveying employer.

Pass the Exam

You will need to take a specific exam and pass it if you want to enter this profession. You will need to take the Fundamentals of Surveying examination. This examination can be very difficult, so you may want to invest in a tutor or company for assistance in studying for it. The exam is offered two times every year. You will be able to take the exam in April or October every year.

Pass Additional Exams

You may need to take other exams in order to become a professional land surveyor. Check with your state to determine whether there are any additional exams that you will need to take. Once you pass the exam that is administered by your state, then you will be able to start working as a professional land surveyor.

Apply to Companies

After you have done all of the necessary preparatory work to become a land surveyor, your next step will be to apply to land surveying companies in your area. Applying to multiple companies will help you find the one that has the right fit for you. Some companies may require that you work very strenuous hours and travel a lot throughout the year. Be sure that you can handle these commitments before you decide to work for a particular company.