How Do I Become A Solution Architect?

If you are the type of person who loves solving computer problems for companies, then you will enjoy a career as a solution architect. The main task of a solution architect is to develop IT security systems and improve engineering methods in order to help a company’s computer system operate at its best capacity.

Recommended Solution Architect (IT) Programs

  1. Rasmussen College – BS Computer Science
  2. Everest University – BS Computer Information Science
  3. Capella University – BS Information Technology

What’s it like to be a solution architect?

As a solution architect, one may be given important responsibilities on a daily basis. On one day, this type of IT professional may have to configure security tools. One may also need to make financial decisions about investing in security software for a corporation. The typical solution architect is also given the responsibility of managing a group of other IT professionals in his or her office place. Other IT professionals will consult with the solution architect as they develop an entire IT program. The solution architect understands how to balance his or her various roles every day. He or she may be consulted as an engineer and business manager in one day. He or she understands how to also manage relationships with other software developers and professionals working within the computer industry.

Education Requirements

To become a solution architect, it is essential to have extensive knowledge about software systems like Oracle, Microsoft, Mac OS X and other systems that are relied upon by businesses. You should also understand coding language like CSS and HTML. You may be called upon to improve a company’s website upon the first day of work. You will typically need a bachelor’s degree in order to break into this field. Try to pursue a degree that focuses on information technology. Software engineering and computer science are two popular degree options that solution architects frequently choose. You should be sure to take courses in programming, systems engineering and advanced mathematics. To work for a major corporation, you may need to have additional educational requirements under your belt. A master’s degree in advanced computer architecture theory or project management may help set you apart from the competition. If you do not have the time to devote to a master’s program, then you may want to think about an online certificate program to earn additional qualifications in specific areas of computer science. For example, you may be able to take an online course that specializes in instruction on Oracle.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the salary for a solution architect can start at $90,000. The salary for this position may increase if a person is given additional responsibilities for a corporation. The competition for these positions at major corporations is fierce. You will likely be offered a position as a solution architect based upon your prior experience and connections in the field. You may also be able to market yourself well and apply for positions at corporations. You should take the time to outline all of your experience in planning software systems and managing projects for a corporation. As a solution architect, you may be responsible for focusing on information technology awareness or IT standards. You may also be responsible for social media management in a company. This will require knowing the types of information that companies should share with people. As you can see, there are different aspects of a solution architect’s job that may require additional knowledge in business or psychology.

Pursuing a career as a solution architect is rewarding for people who enjoy working with technology and being a leader for a major corporation or government entity.