How Do I Become A Service Coordinator?

Service coordinators all have the special gift of being very organized and able to allocate resources for a business. A service coordinator may have the task of sending employees to complete tasks for customers. These individuals enjoy knowing that they help make the administration side of a business operate in an efficient manner every day. You may be wondering, “How do I become a service coordinator?” Becoming a service coordinator is easier than you may think.

What’s it like to be a service coordinator?

As a service coordinator, one has the ability to “juggle” multiple responsibilities at once. One may be able to manage customers or supervise a group of employees. Project management may be one of the essential duties of a service coordinator. For a small business, a service coordinator may be given the responsibility of managing the paperwork for the administrative side of the business. One may have to make sure that all of the contracts for the business are updated. One may also have to coordinate orders that must be mailed out to customers. In addition to working for businesses, service coordinators may also work within the health care industry. In the health care industry, service coordinators advocate for elderly clients and those with disabilities. They may explain all of the different services that a patient can take advantage of in a certain government health care program.

Education Requirements

To enter this field, one should consider which particular niche he or she prefers before pursuing a degree. One should know whether he or she wishes to work for a major corporation or within the health care industry. To become a service coordinator in the health care industry, one should pursue an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in the fields of social work or psychology. To become a service coordinator for a major corporation, one should pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration or hospitality. It is essential to complete coursework that is related to compliance issues for the industry that one chooses. One should also take courses in communication studies to learn how to communicate effectively with customers and employees. Lastly, taking a course in professional ethics is also essential for succeeding in this area.

Salary & How to Get a Job

Because service coordinators work in a variety of fields and have different responsibilities, the salaries for this position vary. The BLS reports that the salaries may be anywhere from $30,000 to $118,000 for a person working within this career field. The industries that typically pay service coordinators the best salaries are the film, gasoline and finance industries. Also, the salary for this position varies greatly depending one’s location. In New York, for example, service coordinators make an average of $102,000 a year.

To obtain a position as a service coordinator, one should look for open positions in corporations, hospitals and government agencies. One may also be able to land this position through referrals. A small business may need an office manager who performs skills that are similar to what is required of a service coordinator. Before applying for positions in this career field, one should be sure to have the “soft skills” that are necessary to succeed. Skills such as interpersonal communication skills and the ability to resolve conflicts are essential for thriving in this career. If you plan on being an effective service coordinator and managing large groups of people, then these skills will be very beneficial for you.

As a service coordinator, you have the ability to help make an impact in the management of a company. You also have the ability to report to yourself and enjoy a great level of independence.