How Do I Become A Pharmacy Technician?

Being a pharmacy technician is a great job for those people who enjoy being involved in the medical profession. When a person becomes a pharmacy technician, he or she has the opportunity to assist in the disbursement of drugs that patients need. Pharmacy technicians also assist with all of the organization of medical prescriptions and other types of medications. One may also need to take a complete review of all of the inventory in the back room of a pharmacy department. A pharmacist often relies heavily upon the pharmacy technician. Without the pharmacy technician, the daily operation of the pharmacy would not be possible. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a pharmacy technician?” When you want to become a pharmacy technician, it is essential to gain all of the skills that will be required of you in this position.

What’s it like to be a pharmacy technician?

Being a pharmacy technician is a fulfilling career. Most pharmacy technicians only work about 40 hours a week. One may be able to work on a part-time basis. Most pharmacies give pharmacy technicians the opportunity to decide which type of work-shift that they prefer. They may work in a local drugstore, large pharmaceutical company or laboratory. A pharmacy technician may also do all of the cashier work for a local drugstore. The pharmacy technician may need to meet with patients in order to make sure that they have obtained the correct prescriptions. He or she may also meet with patients who have special needs or requests. A patient may need to have a prescription for birth control pills fulfilled by a pharmacy technician.

Education Requirements

To become a pharmacy technician, you should devote some time to pursuing a 1-year program at a local community college. There are a variety of trade school programs that also give individuals the opportunity to pursue a degree in order to become a pharmacy technician. It is also a good idea for students to obtain work experience as a pharmacy assistant. One may want to try to do an internship during his or her college years. Participating in an internship program will help a person to make all of the connections that he or she needs in order to land a job at a pharmacy. One may also need to take an exam upon graduation from one of these programs. By passing the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, you will be proving to your future employers that you have all of the skills that you need in order to succeed. You can also become an official “Certified Pharmacy Technician” when you pass this exam.

Salary & How to Get a Job

The starting salary for a pharmacy technician is about $28,000 a year. A person can earn a higher salary if he or she is promoted to the managing pharmacy technician of a pharmaceutical department. To obtain a position as a pharmacy technician, one should try to look for open positions at local drugstore companies. One should also try to look for open positions in hospitals. One can also look for open positions by meeting with a career counselor from a college program. A career counselor will be able to help a pharmacy technician learn about local job opportunities.