How Do I Become A Plumber?

Being a plumber can be a great job for a person who wants to own an independent business. When you are a plumber, you set up your own schedule. Clients will contact you whenever they feel it is appropriate. You can set up as many appointments as you would like within a week. You can also work for a company that provides you with your own set of clients. When you work for a plumbing company, you will not have to make the initiative to go out and market your business to clients. Instead, you will simply be able to work for a plumbing company and get all of your business appointments completed in a given week. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a plumber?” When you want to become a plumber, it is essential to obtain all of the qualifications necessary. You should try to learn as much about plumbing techniques prior to entering this field.

What’s it like to be a plumber?

When you are a plumber, you are in full control of your schedule. You will likely make a couple of visits to clients’ homes in a given day. At these appointments, you will conduct a thorough inspection of a bathroom area or pipeline in order to determine what the problem is. You will need to figure out the root cause of any issue that is hampering a person’s plumbing system. It can sometimes take hours to discover what the root cause of a problem is. You may have to do some pipeline work in order to unclog a pipe. One of the most common problems that needs to be fixed in bathroom areas is the clogged pipeline. One will always receive multiple calls for unclogging a pipeline in a given week. Aside from these house calls, you may be responsible for the daily operations of your business. You may need to do all of the accounting and budgeting for your business. You may also need to refer clients to other plumbers in the company who are able to take their appointments.

Education Requirements

Attending a trade school is one of the best ways in order to become a plumber. Some people also enter into the trade by doing an apprenticeship with another established plumber in the field. He or she may study all of the techniques that are used in order to become a plumber. One may also need to research all of the requirements for becoming a plumber. A particular state may require that one provide 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and 216 hours of classroom work. The requirements will vary depending on the type of state that one wants to open a plumbing business within. Doing an apprenticeship is truly one of the best ways to enter into this field.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary for a plumber is about $46,000 a year. To get a job in the field, one should try to network with other established plumbers in the field. It is also important for one to apply for positions at local plumbing companies. Applying for positions at local plumbing companies is one of the best ways to easily land a starting job in the field.