How Do I Become A Respiratory Therapist?

When you are a respiratory therapist, you play an important role in improving the breathing of individuals. Imagine being able to help people relieve their stress and breathe easier in life. Your work is what can literally help individuals continue to survive and enjoy their lives. A breathing problem can pose serious issues to individuals. A breathing problem can impede a person’s ability to carry out a normal life. When you are a respiratory therapist, you work with individuals who have emphysema, cystic fibrosis and asthma. You may also need to work with a doctor to figure out the exact type of breathing problem that a person experiences in his or her daily life. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a respiratory therapist?” Fortunately, if you want to become a respiratory therapist, only a couple years of education are required.

What’s it like to be a respiratory therapist?

When you are a respiratory therapist, you meet with patients on a daily basis. It is your task to meet with patients and ensure that their breathing is improving every day. You need to work with patients to help them overcome breathing problems. It is also important for you to diagnose the specific issue that a patient faces. You also may need to refer the patient to a more specialized type of doctor who can offer a prescription medication for the patient. As a respiratory therapist, you work closely with other members of the medicine community. It is your job to work with other members of the medicine community to diagnose the illnesses of patients or figure out a remedy for their breathing issues. You may also need to deal with emergencies that arise. A child may be at school and suffer an asthma attack. It can be your task to deliver the appropriate inhaler to the child to ensure that he or she overcomes the asthma attack.

Education Requirements

If you want to become a respiratory therapist, it is important for you to obtain a two-year degree in respiratory therapy. You should obtain a two-year degree from a vocational school, college or hospital. You can find low-cost programs at hospitals or community colleges. When you complete one of these programs, you will receive an associate’s degree in respiratory therapy. After you receive your associate’s degree, you should take the exam that is administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care. When you pass this exam, you will receive your license to serve as a respiratory therapist in a state. When you obtain a bachelor’s degree, you may be promoted to a supervisory position in a hospital or clinic. You may also be able to earn a higher salary if you have a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree program should focus on a field like biology, chemistry or anatomy.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a respiratory therapist is about $55,000 a year. You can obtain a position as a respiratory therapist by applying for positions in hospitals and clinics. You may also be hired by a private medical office. It is important for you to consider your long-term career goals in applying for positions at hospitals or private offices. If you wish to branch off on your own, then you may want to begin working for a private office.