How Do I Become A Security Guard?

Working as a security guard can be a nice job for the person who enjoys protecting others and maintaining safety in society. Working as a security guard can also be a peaceful career. You may work as a security guard for an office building and only work on nights. You may work during shifts when there is little to no activity in a building. Some security guards enjoy this sort of peaceful atmosphere. In other instances, you may work in a more exciting type of security position. You may serve as a security guard for a government entity that is the focus of much attention by the media. It will be your job to maintain a safe atmosphere for all of the politicians within the building, and this can be difficult. You may need to prevent some individuals from gaining access into a building. Maybe you have wondered, “How do I become a security guard?” When you want to become a security guard, it is important for you to have an ability to patrol an area and remain alert at all times.

What’s it like to be a security guard?

When you are a security guard, you have the responsibility of patrolling an area. You need to protect an area from intruders. It may be your job to deal with any thieves that enter a building. You may also need to protect high-end merchandise in a retail store or sensitive documents in an office building. There are individuals who may try to break into these buildings to get their hands on valuable merchandise or top-secret documents. You will have to know the protocol for handling these types of intruders. You may also need to use physical force at times. You are also responsible for escorting individuals who cause a scene or engage in physical violence in a building. As a security guard, you may have to work odd hours. You may work only night shifts. If you are open to having a flexible schedule, then you will be able to land a job as a security guard for a building.

Education Requirements

To become a security guard, it is important for you to obtain a certificate in security from a community college. You may also find that a company has its own training program for security guards. You should find out about the specific requirements for security guards before you apply for a position. It is important for you to find out what the requirements will be for you. You do not want to invest your time and energy in completing a certificate program that will not be helpful to you in applying for a certain job. Overall, it is important for you to know how to manage large crowds of people and protect individuals from harm.

Salary & How to Get a Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a security guard is about $25,000 a year. This amount can be increased if you work for a high-profile corporation. You can also earn a higher salary if you decide to work additional hours during the holiday season or peak times for a business. To get a job, you should apply for open positions at businesses, office buildings and other entities that require security.