How Do I Become A Senior Software Engineer

As a senior software engineer, you can gain great satisfaction from knowing that your work helps make a business’s daily computer activities entirely possible. You may be hired to serve as an “in house” engineer for a major corporation, or you may do some contract work to develop a new software program for a branch of the government like the IRS. You may wonder, “How do I become a senior software engineer?” To pursue this career, you should have at least five to ten years of experience in the computer software industry. You should also be prepared to face tough competition from other highly qualified individuals for this position.

Featured Online Software Engineering Degree Programs

  1. Colorado Technical University B.S. in Information Technology – Software Systems Engineering
  2. Western Governors University B.S. Information Technology – Software
  3. Post University B.S. in Computer Information Systems / Software Development Management

What’s it like to be a senior software engineer?

When you become a senior software engineer, you will be required to manage many computer projects at once. You will likely work with upper management in order to implement any recommendations that they have for a particular software program. If there is an issue with a virus, then you will be the one who is responsible for immediately responding to the report. You will need to do regular maintenance checks on computer systems in a business. You also should be ready to write proposals if you have chosen a new program that you want to purchase for the company. Senior software engineers communicate with a variety of high-powered people on a daily basis. If they need to obtain funding for a new computer system, then they will need to present their ideas on why it is a good investment for the company to make.

Education Requirements

To become a senior software engineer, you should have a bachelor’s degree. The majority of senior software engineers have advanced degrees in computer science or software engineering. Even if you do not have a college degree, this does not disqualify you from certain positions in the software engineering field. If you have developed skills in working with major computer systems and software like Oracle, then a corporation may hire you without any educational background. You will have to continue to develop your skills if you want to remain competitive in this field. If you are seeking an entry level position as a software engineer, then a corporation may have an in-house program for you to complete.

It is helpful if those seeking a career as a senior software engineer have a Ph.D in computer science or a master’s degree in information technology. These sorts of qualifications help establish one’s credibility with a corporation seeking to improve its IT department.

Salary & How to Get a Job

When you want to become a senior software engineer, it is important to establish your reputation as a leading expert in software engineering. People frequently obtain these positions through personal recommendations. The BLS reports that the starting salary for a senior software engineer is $87,000 a year. Growth in the demand for qualified people who can serve as senior software engineers is expected in the next ten to twenty years. More businesses are desiring to hire senior software engineers who have a specialty in cyber security. Cyber security is becoming a growing concern of businesses that face the threat of losing the confidential information of customers due to cyber terrorists and thieves.

To become a senior software engineer, you should try to gain experience in working as an entry-level software engineer for a major corporation. This is the easiest way to establish your reputation and move up within the ranks of the corporation. If you do excellent work on a regular basis and protect the corporation from cyber threats, then you will likely be promoted to this position.